Pat Sulley

I have been writing songs and playing guitar since high school.

I played professionally through my university years, and beyond, for a total of 10 years. Most of that time, I spent working out of Toronto and St. John's. 

I enjoyed some moderate success across Canada, mostly on the CHUM network, with my Single  release, "You Are My Destiny," and it's B Side ,"Cameron Avenue".

The Single was a big success in NL, thanks to extensive airplay by the OZ-FM Network and VOCM.  OZ-FM played "Cameron Avenue" for 4 to 5 years after its release. Thank you OZ-FM.

This recording also had video supporting the single which received extensive play on the NTV Network. Thank you NTV.

I eventually retired from the music business for other opportunities.  I continued writing and playing , sometimes onstage and sometimes off-stage, always for some very special friends and audiences.

Hopefully, you will become one of them once you have listened to "Senor Dude", the album.

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Yours Truly and Happy listening!

Pat Sulley