Song Snippets

( in no particular order)

Sitting By The Waterside - I spent a lot of time walking and having fun on the beaches in Florida.  It takes me back to warm sunshine, white sands, tropical waters, sea breezes, sea birds, sailboats, and palm trees. I wrote this song while I was spending time on those beaches.


Coupe DeVille - I wrote this song in St. Lucia while we were island-hopping in the Caribbean not so many years ago. I travelled with a small Martin Backpacker at the time. I got the guitar at Manny's in Manhattan. I wrote this song on that Backpacker. Plus I loved to play in my Dad's big old cars when I was a kid. I actually flipped one out of gear when I was two years old and, while standing on the seat, I drove my little sister down Theatre Hill ( Queen's Road) in St. John's, NL. Fortunately I was rescued by an innocent bystander. Thanks whoever and wherever you are!


Canadian Boy - Well there is no mistaking the attitude in this song. I've encountered a lot of misconceptions about what a Canadian is in my travels, 100+ countries to date. Being an Atlantic Canadian, and a Newfoundlander to boot, there is no mistaking in my mind, what a real Canadian/ Newfoundlander is. This song was also written on my Backpacker on the same island-hopping trip as Coup DeVille. This song was penned during a day of torrential downpour in Barbados.


Livin' In Paradise - I hope people get as much fun out of this song as everyone who has heard it has so far. I wrote it by the pool in Florida with my dog on one side and a Heineken on the other. My wife had just called me from Halifax and she was saying  it looked liked I was having a lot of fun and she felt like she should be there. She was on the next plane.


Crisis2Crisis -  a personal favorite of mine. No person has the right to mentally or physically abuse another into submission just because they are weaker, gentler, or smaller. This song is dedicated to all women who suffer or that have suffered from spousal or relationship abuse. Thanks to Lisa MacDougall for the background vocals on this one.


Songwriter69 - This album was originally going to be called Songwriter69, but it soon came to light that the character in this song, Senor Dude, had full "Dibbs" on the title! We had a lot of fun doing this one!


Through The Story - It took a lifetime to write this song. Its about relationship and the turns a life can take that get you to where you are at any place in time. Deep isn't it? lol! I love this song! It means a lot to me.


I'm Gettin' U - This one's a rocker! It's got a lot of heat on it and it is right on the nose. 


I Wanna Be A Lion - This song was written on safari in the Serengeti in 2009. We had just spent the afternoon with a Pride of Lion. I wrote it immediately afterward, in our Jeep, on the way back to our lodge for the evening. Originally, I had envisioned this song with a children's choir on the chorus because of the playfulness of the song.  Now, years later, Ross and I put our heads together and created an older, more Dixieland,  Preservation Hall (New Orleans) feel to it. Great work on this one Ross!


Come To My World - Ah yes! Here comes my more sensitive side. This is where the words and music all come to you at once and you have to write it down or record it immediately before it is lost forever. This song is for the multitude of people who are living alone with no one near throughout this whole pandemic. I know you are out there. This song is for you.


At The End of Our Days - Not sure what I can actually say about this song except that it came to me during the night and I woke up with it playing in my head. Originally it had a huge guitar break at the ending, but when we heard the playback, we realized that "the guitar wars"  were over and they ended with Freebird. So we left it out. Congratulations to Freebird. lol! Take a listen!


I hope you enjoy these songs. I recorded them so people could hear them. Otherwise, there is no real reason for me to write them. If they were paintings, I would hang them on a wall. Since they are not paintings, I have to hang them on your ears for a brief listen. If you like them, please pass them on. And if you don't, don't despair. There's another batch on the way!

Thank you for listening!

Pat Sulley