1. Canadian Boy

From the recording Senor Dude


Canadian Boy
Patrick Sulley
Barbados 2005

I’ve got a ’57 Chevy
I’ve got a “69 Corvette
I got a brother who ain’t heavy
I got a girl I can’t forget
I got a friend who ain’t so lucky
He’s gonna lose it all I bet
I got a girlfriend in Kentucky
I got another in Tibet!

Well I’ve never been a lawyer
So I never give advice
But I‘ve been called “One Two-Timer”
By a girl who was my wife
Well she said “don’t be a stranger”
When I said I must be goin’
Cause it’s easy come and easy go
When that North Wind starts blowin’.

Cause I’m free
I’m free as a boy can be
There ain’t no one who can stare me down
Or take a part of me
Well I can take a piece of anyone
Who wants a piece of me
Cause I’m a Canadian Boy that’s me.

Well I’ve never been to Egypt
And I ain’t been to Tibet
But last year I flew down to Peru
And I ain’t caught my breath yet.
And I’ve been down south to Chile
Where the wine is oh so sweet
But there ain’t no place like my backyard
Or Livin’ on my Street