1. Crisis2Crisis

From the recording Senor Dude


Patrick Sulley
Halifax 2001
How many times must he threaten her so
Lately she wishes that he’d never show
She gives him all, but it’s never enough
He puts her down when he’s down on his luck.

Nobody knows what her price is
She goes from crisis to crisis.

She wraps her up, hugs her face from the snow
Gathers her car keys, she’s ready to go
Keys the ignition, she sits at the wheel
No place to go, yet what more can he steal

Her mind just races and races
He’ll put her right through her paces

Colorless odorless she slips away
A new beginning with a brighter day
Nobody notices, she fades away
She always kept to herself anyway.

Nobody knows what her price is
She went from crisis to crisis