From the recording Senor Dude


Livin’ Here Paradise
Patrick Sulley
Florida 2017

Well I’m Livin’ here in Paradise
While my baby she’s in Halifax
Well she thinks I’m havin’ too much fun
Well I don’t know where she gets her facts.
Well the sun is shinin’ everyday
With bikinis walkin’ (you know the way)
She thinks I’m havin’ too much fun,
I just tell her She’s the Lucky One!

Verse 1:
Can’t get the beach sand outta my shorts
Got a bottle of wine but I can’t pull the cork
There’s a woman right there and she’s lookin’ my way
Sayin’ “Come over, baby, I'm just here for the day!”


Verse 2:
Well livin’ down here, it ain’t like livin’ up north
It’s like a winter vacation upon a resort
If I take my time to six months and a day
Then the IRS taxman comes lookin' my way!


Verse 3:
Well I ran outta money, I ran outta rope
On a southern vacation, I’ve been such a dope
I gotta a bottle of rum, and it pours the right way
Hey, there’s a girl with tequila, and she’s headed my way!